Our Wonderful Programs & Services 

Equestrian Summer Camp

Join us for a week or two in the Summer for an amazingly fun educational adventure. Trail riding, Riding lessons, Horsey Crafts, Stable Management, Picnic Lunches, Horse Show and Cook Out around the Pool! 

Equestrian Wellness Program 

The B.R.S is the perfect place to improve your whole self. Horses are wonderfully poetic creatures and a beautiful setting is the ideal location to reflect, relax, reenergize, workout and  begin the journey to a new and improved version of you. 

Horse Lovers Club 

The B.R.S is excited to offer a special non riding program for those 6 years and older. This program encapsulates everything that is loved about being around horses and at the farm. We will have a number of opportunities for those wishing to enjoy this program throughout the year. Activities will involve hands on horse care and many other exciting things. It is intended to allow for the following; Enrichment, Relaxation, Teamwork, Health and Reward. 

Supervised Recreational Riding 

Enjoy a leisurely trail ride through the park or a more challenging active ride on varying terrain.

Equally as enjoyable, brush up on you skills in the ring on the flat and over fences.

Certification Program 

The B.R.S is home to a unique Certification Program. It is a very individualized way to achieve merit for Equestrian Skills. Aimed toward ANY level and to those 6 years+. Will suit those wanting further Education or Develop skills for personal or professional use.


Follow one or all three of the 'Paths' offered; Rider's Path, Stable Manager's Path or Trainer's Path. Sessions are private or semi private and consist of Theory and Practical sessions resulting in an Official Certificate.

The British Riding School at Kilmarnock Farm 

  • Supervised Recreational Riding
  • Show Jumping

  • Dressage

  • XC prep

  • Certification Programs

  • Equestrian Celebration Days

  • Competition

  • Full Boarding


  • Equestrian Summer Camps

  • Horse Lovers Club

  • Equestrian Wellness