Please note that prior to Covid 19, we operated as a high quality riding school from 2011-2020, which was open to the general public. We now operate as a private boarding facility. Training is offered to boarded horses, those that lease them and their owners. We can also accept trailer-in clients.

The British Riding School at Kilmarnock Farm 

​​​Online and In-Person Stable Management & Trainer Courses

The Virtual BRS offers a unique way to become educated to a high level from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have internet access) without having to be enrolled into a larger educational institution such as a university.

Offering BRS Stable Management & Trainer/Coaching courses through a variety of mediums; video demonstrations, detailed slide show presentations and written documents. Live one-on-one or group video sessions available as requested.

In-person Certification courses also available at our Kilmarnock Farm location to those wishing to obtain this credit. Hybrid versions are also offered.

​​​The BRS Community

Although we are a private facility, not offering general instruction or riding opportunities to the public, we strive to create a welcoming and emotionally safe space to all that spend time with us.

We offer a number of small group based activities such as; riding clinics on the flat and over fences, hands on stable management workshops, organized trail rides, showing and offsite adventures to our members.

We accept online applications (See our ‘Contact Us’ page) for those 16 years and older who are wishing to become a part of THE BRITISH RIDING SCHOOL as a Lease Rider or Boarder. Suitable candidates will be put on our waiting list and contacted as and when a space comes up. This is for Leasing, Boarding and Instruction.

Please note that we only have around 20 in-person clients enrolled at any one time so that we can provide a high level of quality training.

We do welcome trailer/ship in clients for private instruction or to attend our clinics when offered.  


 Specializing in Eventing – Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country Jumping Prep, with a strong focus on high quality flatwork.

Covering key components; Rider fitness, strength training, suppleness, biomechanics and positional corrections.

For the horse; Improving way of going, highlighting and assessing training needs, identification of exercises to therefore bring the very best out of your horse and yourself.

The ultimate goal is to create a strong fluid partnership that is safe and effective.

Enjoyment is a top priority as is positive continued development and growth.

 Available Exclusivly to
Our BRS Members

Dressage Instruction

Show Jumping

XC Prep

Onsite Clinics & Workshops 

(Ridden & Stable Management based)

Full & Part Leasing


Certification Programs
(Virtual and In person. Stable Management & Trainer Courses)

Competition Coaching & Prep

Full Boarding​ (Kilmarnock Farm)

Accompanied Trail Rides

Picnic Trail Rides

Day trip & Camping Excursions

Full & Part Training for Boarded Horses

Professional Care services (Clipping, Trimming, Saddle Fitting, Equipment Consultation and fitting)

Trailer/Ship In Clients also Welcome